DSLR Rp 5 million, Select Canon 1200D or Nikon D3200

29 Feb 2016

When this option fairly economical digital SLR cameras sold in the market is the Canon EOS 1200D and Nikon D3200 (price per November 2014 is Rp 5 million). canon eos rebel sl 1

“>While Nikon D3200 although not the latest (first attendance in 2012, now there is a successor of D3300) but the camera is still interesting because of its features as a fairly complete 11 AF points and the 24 MP sensor.

-. -. -. Http://canoneosrebelt5.com4 fps
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“>From the above comparison seems almost balanced, the Nikon D3200 is numerically superior (24 MP, 4 fps, 11 point AF).canono eos rebel t5

What is also interesting to note is that the density where the EOS 1200D LCD screen using only 460 thousand pixel LCD will display the image less detail on the screen, making it rather difficult to ensure the accuracy of the focus.

“>On the other hand though Nikon D3200 looks superior but he also has some basic flaws, which can not auto focus with old lenses (AF-D), no bracketing function and minimal direct keys (such as ISO, WB and AF).

It’s hard to choose the most superior.

“>But if asked to choose, my choice fell on the Nikon D3200 because the advantages are quite a lot compared to the Canon 1200D.

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